CP Kelco and Solrød Local Authority continue their partnership

”CP Kelco and Solrød Local Authority continue the public-private partnership aimed at establishing a biogas facility. Solrød Local Authority is one of the local authorities with the most ambitious goals for the environment and climate, as it looks to reduce its CO2 emission by 50% before 2025. The set-up of a biogas facility is a [...]

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BIGADAN as the turnkey contractor

”An agreement was concluded with Bigadan A/S, granting the company the turnkey contract for establishing the facility and operating it for the first five years of its lifetime. Solrød Biogas A/S was set up in close cooperation with CPKelco, VEKS, Chr. Hansen, Bigadan A/S and the agricultural sector. The project receives project assistance from the [...]

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Visit by MEP Jeppe Kofod

MEP Jeppe Kofod visited Solrød Biogas to hear more about the experience which Solrød Local Authority and the private partners have accumulated from the unique facility. Jeppe Kofod expressed great enthusiasm of the project and took a wealth of interesting ideas and experience back to Brussels from the visit.

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Visit by former MP Rasmus Helveg Pedersen

Former Minister for Climate and Energy, Rasmus Helveg Pedersen, visited the building site for Solrød Biogas A/S and described it as an impressive project. ”I find it interesting that you want to merge so many sources. And really ground-breaking that the agricultural sector and industry join a local authority in solving such a task”, the [...]

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2015 November: A quadruple egg of Columbus

The European Commission joined the Danish Government in applauding Solrød Biogas A/S at the official inauguration. Lars Christian Lilleholt, Minister for Energy, Utilities and Climate, Vincent Berrutto of the European Commission and Niels Hörup, mayor of Solrød Local Authority and chairman of Solrød Biogas A/S, all participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Mr. Lilleholt described the [...]

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2015, autumn: Doors open day for citizens

The new asphalt had barely cooled when several hundred interested citizens and guests lined up for the doors open day at Solrød Biogas A/S. Guided tours had been organised to explain about the concept of the facility and its processes and to show them how biogas is produced.

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2015, late summer: VEKS to buy gas from Solrød Biogas

Annually, Solrød Biogas will produce six million cubic metres of gas which will be transmitted to VEKS for firing in a gas engine at the premises of Solrød District Heating. Via a gas generator, the gas engine will generate electricity, while the cooling water will be converted into district heating for VEKS' system.

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2015, August: Launch of Solrød Biogas A/S

Solrød Biogas receives the first load of cattle manure from farmers and eluate from Chr. Hansen. Later, co-substrate will be added. Cattle manure and co-substrate work as starter ingredients to get the bacteriological process going at the biogas facility. Subsequently, the gas production will start.

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2015: Topping-out ceremony

The topping-out ceremony marks a well-completed building stage which set up the framework of the unloading hall. Mayor Niels Hörup, who is also the chairman of Solrød Biogas, used the topping-out ceremony to thank craftsmen and turnkey contractor Bigadan A/S

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2015: Phase 3 – Construction starts

The construction stage of the facility starts after cutting the first sod. The plan envisions the facility to be constructed and ready for operation by late summer of 2015.

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