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A new Solrød Biogas website will give a better outline of the biogas project of the Municipality of Solrød for citizens, businesses, and other stakeholders.

After much preparation we can now present our new website. We look forward to presenting our interesting activities and keeping you updated on recent developments in our biogas project.

15. December 2016|

Biogas in Solrød is a quadruple egg of Columbus

A strong signal from local forces in Solrød who have united in order to establish a unique biogas plant. These were the words from a minister at the opening of the plant.

Both the European Commission and the Danish Government gave much praise when Solrød Biogas A/S was officially inaugurated on Monday morning. On an annual basis the plant will produce approximately ten million m3 of biogas on the basis of local raw materials such as livestock manure from agriculture, seaweed from the beach and residues from the industry. The technology with a unique composition of residues converted into energy may become an international role model.

It took three pairs of scissors before the red ribbon to the plant was cut on Monday morning. Together with Niels Hörup, Mayor of Solrød, and chairman of Biogas Solrød A/S, Lars Christian Lilleholt, Minister for Energy, Utilities and climate, and Vincent Berrutto from the European […]

23. November 2015|

Solrød Biogas leads the way to green growth

– unique cooperation between the industrial, agricultural and energy sectors

Solrød biogas plant is established in close cooperation with CP Kelco, VEKS, Chr. Hansen, Bigadan A/S and the agricultural sector. It is a powerful and convincing example of public-private cooperation. The parties have agreed to establish a biogas plant, which they all consider of great potential. Particularly, this close cooperation between the parties is key to the realisation of the Solrød biogas project and to meeting the requirements in order to obtain project subsidies from players such at the EU, Region Zealand and Growth Forum Zealand. Also, the coming together of numerous skills has been pivotal to the success of the project, and Roskilde University in particular has provided essential input […]

20. June 2014|

Large EU subsidy to biogas plant

The Municipality of Solrød has entered an agreement with the EU about a large subsidy to Solrød Biogas Plant.

After many months of intense negotiation, the Municipality of Solrød has entered an agreement with the EU about a subsidy of DKK 3,600,000 for the implementation of Solrød Biogas Plant. The subsidy is granted under the EU initiative of “Mobilising Local Energy Investments”, which intends to assist public authorities (local and regional level) in preparing and implementing investments in sustainable energy projects.

Therefore, the subsidy is not granted to the construction of the biogas plant, but is associated with the consultancy services needed for the project in the preliminary work prior to the establishment of the biogas plant; in other words, for the preparation of tender documents, economic and legal consultancy, etc.

The entire EU agreement has a duration of two years after which a turnkey contractor will be selected to be in charge […]

1. May 2014|

CP Kelco and the Municipality of Solrød cooperation

CP Kelco and the Municipality of Solrød continue the public-private cooperation in view of establishing a biogas plant, which is one of the first of its kind in Denmark. The event was celebrated on 15 June 2011 when the cooperation agreement was signed.

The company CP Kelco ApS in Køge and the Municipality of Solrød now enter a closer cooperation on the establishment of a biogas plant based on seaweed from the Bay of Køge and by-products from CP Kelco. This is one of the results of a feasibility study on the biogas plant, which was published in December 2010; the feasibility study is supported by Growth Forum Zealand; the Universities of Roskilde, Århus, and Copenhagen; Green Centre; Rambøll; the Beach Cleaning Association of Solrød; CP Kelco; and the Municipality of Solrød.

CP Kelco is the world’s largest manufacturer of pectin and carrageenan, both of which are natural vegetable ingredients used, among […]

17. June 2011|